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  • 169 3rd Street
    Troy, NY 12180

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About Us

We power IT and IT powers your goals

We are out to make a difference in the SMB space, providing high-grade IT that supports speedy business growth.

We believe SMBs deserve innovative IT services

High quality IT should't be luxury only accessible to larger corporations. This has been our driving force and inspiration since we started out in 2001.

Our mission is simple

Bring innovative and high quality IT services to the SMB space. We achieve this by providing you with the results of a full-time team of tech experts, at a fraction of the cost of staffing.

We go far beyond IT to enable you grow

Our relationship with clients is growth-focused, we go as far as strengthening their workflows and systems for greater efficiency. With their entire IT infrastructure in excellent shape consistently, it's no surprise that 100% of our clients stay with us.

We deeply understand what it means to start and grow a business, that's why we have a personal approach in relating with our clients. We get to understand your business goals and build an enabling IT environment around that. The values which drive everything we do:


A technology partner who does nothing more than handle support tickets is no partner at all. We help you thrive, using technology.


Our business grows alongside yours. So our commitment to helping you thrive... also makes logical business sense!


Security, performance and results. We take full responsibility of your IT and you can point the finger at us if something goes wrong.

Team Work

You receive all the benefits of working with an external party, while still feeling like we are part of your team. Because we are!