Healthcare IT ServicesServing the IT needs of the medical community for over two decades.

Netguistics is your solutions partner for IT in healthcare. Our solutions cover a variety of areas such as data/systems security, electronic medical record management, practice management systems, wireless solutions, imaging systems, video conferencing, and touch solutions.

Electronic Health Records & Practice Management Systems

Netguistics provides consulting services, such as EHR & PMS selection, contract review, EHR implementation and project management services of various sizes and specialties throughout New York, Western Massachusetts, Western Connecticut and Southern Vermont. Our perspective is to ensure proper alignment of information technology and your practice.

Our EHRLifeCycle service focuses on the needs of ambulatory practices, helping practices solve problems in EHR and Practice Management system utilization. We offer vendor neutral services such as:

  • Practice workflow and requirement analysis
  • EHR & PMS selection and implementation
  • Post-Implementation IT services

Too often physician office dynamics change while the systems that support them do not. This can lead to a multitude of problems with your technology investments; challenging your ability to treat both simple and complex patient conditions in an efficient manner.

Whether your top concern is selecting the right EHR vendor, implementing within budget, managing technology support issues, or optimizing your current workflow, Netguistics brings the knowledge and skill to help physician offices manage risks and maintain their financial health.

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Wireless Solutions

In the mission critical environment of healthcare, delivering the very best patient care requires caregivers to not only be accessible but to also be able to instantly access critical resources such as colleagues and patient data. Netguistics wireless solutions can put 'right here, right now' mobile access to voice and data in the hands of your healthcare team. Providing your team with the tools they need at the point of care defines a new level of healthcare excellence. Now, your staff can enjoy the seamless access to people and information required to make the best decisions - no matter where they are!

  • Point-of-care applications and mobile computing devices to verify medication, access patient records, order tests, collect specimens and more.
  • RFID and other tracking technologies to automatically track patients, medical equipment and staff, our end-to-end mobility product portfolio delivers.
  • Secure guest access to allow the same wireless LAN that provides mobile voice and data access to healthcare staff can be utilized to provide guest access to the Internet without impacting critical operations or jeopardizing the privacy of your data, ensuring HIPAA compliance while providing a valuable service to patients and their family.

Network and Physical Security Solutions

HIPAA's Technical and Physical Safeguard Standards of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Security Rule cover both network level and physical security.

The Technical Safeguard Standard of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Security Rule has four implementation specifications: unique user identification, emergency access procedures, automatic logoff and encryption/decryption.

The Physical Safeguard Standard of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Security Rule also has four implementation specifications: contingency operations; facility security plan; access control and validation procedures; and maintenance records.

Netguistics can provide assistance implementing:

  • Procedures for access control within your information systems and network.
  • Facility access controls to limit physical access to your EHR data and the facility or facilities in which they are housed
  • Encryption of your EHR data when being stored in the cloud and when it is transmitted to other health care professionals